Trihound, LLC was unleashed in January 2013 by Melissa Grieco - an avid dog lover, triathlete, and seven-time Ironman finisher.
After observing an increasing number of canine bystanders at the various triathlons she has raced in, this former marketing executive realized that these four-legged spectathletes needed their own line of attractive, customized triathlon gear. It was obvious that the hound contingent was a vast, untapped market just begging to be served. In short order, Melissa jumped up to create several designs for triathlon-themed leashes and collars, found a fabulous locally-based company to produce and supply them, and created Trihound. After all, what better way to showcase your endurance achievements than by decking out your proud pooch?
Since its inception, Trihound has been expanded to provide a variety of high-quality, lifestyle accessories customized with endurance race motifs. Our products appeal to runners and triathletes who enjoy celebrating their race commemorations through our unique offerings. At Trihound, we believe that showcasing your endurance exploits should not be confined to your car's bumper or your t-shirt choice. The possibilities are endless so we are continually increasing our range of products with new designs regularly coming down the pipeline.

All Trihound products are handmade in Connecticut, USA!

U.K. Trihound 'Ambassadog' Bonnie Walker modeling the 140.6 Leash & Collar with Pink Ribbon on Hunter Web.   Melissa in the TRI flip flops with Navy Ribbon & Khaki web. Also featured is the silver metallic 140.6 clutch.
Melissa's rescue boxer Bruno modeling the TRI Collar on Bluebird Ribbon & Chocolate Web.  

Melissa watching a worker cutting ribbon and webbing to create what will become a Trihound dog leash.


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